Decentralized protocols on SOLANA WITH BUILT-IN KYC powered by Civic Pass

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How does it work?

Civic Pass has allowed us to develop a unique KYC framework that allows our DeFi products to remain completely decentralized while significantly reducing counter-party risk.


Just connect your wallet with Solrise Pulse...


You'll be prompted to go through KYC with Civic.


And then you'll be issued a Civic Pass for your wallet.

Serum and others

Now you can access services inside Solrise Pulse!

Why Solrise x Civic?

We are confident that Solana is positioned to lead the way in the mass-adoption of DeFi - and in order to do that, we need to remove the barriers that keep people out of DeFi.

Solrise x Civic

Civic Pass allows Solrise Pulse to seamlessly integrate KYC, and the same mechanism can be used to allow other protocols building on Solana to integrate KYC into their service.

Why solrise
Why solrise

Starting with Solrise DEX Pro, built in partnership with and on Serum, we’ll be expanding the suite of services on offer to allow regulated institutions to access more and more of the DeFi landscape.

We intend to keep expanding the suite of services working with Solrise Pulse in order to allow users access to a full suite of DeFi products.

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